Personal Development, Etiquette and
Basic Modeling Techniques


A Christian based program for girls 12 to 17. 

Program Overview

Inner Beauty Program

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The Inner Beauty Personal Development Program focuses on bringing out the unique qualities that exist in everyone and creates a self awareness in the care and keeping of our bodies. It is designed to strengthen family bonds, create a positive self image and increase self confidence creating a positive perception and direction in life.

Outer Beauty Program

The Outer Beauty Personal Appearance Program focuses on poise, body movement and promoting an expression of elegance in dining and social situations. It addresses modern technological issues with cell phone use and social media etiquette as well as improving outer beauty through technical applications in skincare, daytime makeup and wardrobe selection.  

Events & Parties

Our Unique facility is a 2,000 sq ft facility equipped for meeting the needs of your special event.  Our Shabby Chic decor is perfect for teen birthday parties, American Girl Birthdays or bridal and girlfriend events. We are capable of hosting small catered luncheons and senior graduation events as well.  Let us know how we can help you plan your next special event!


Our Mission

Empowering teenage girls to recognize their unique qualities, 
increase self confidence and develop a mature perspective in Christian fashion. It is our intent to develop both the inner and outer qualities of each young lady in order to achieve an overall sophistication and an expression of confidence, security, responsibility and a prosperous direction in life. 


At Be Unique, our Inner and Outer Beauty Programs include the guidance in creating a sophisticated and well rounded young lady who is confident within herself, secure in her environment and has positive direction for her life.


“The more you like Yourself, the less
You are like anyone else, which makes you Unique!" - Walt Disney