Best Kept Hair Secret!

Daily shampooing, coupled with hair products and hot water showers, can strip the protective oils that act as a natural conditioner to our hair.  

Make a plan over your next weekend to avoid washing your hair. This will allow time for the natural oils of your scalp to penetrate back into your hair. These natural conditioners will help revive dull, dry hair and on your next shampoo and style, you will see the difference in volume and shine!

Let us know if you can see the difference!


Have Sense In The Sun!

Although Summer is coming to a close and you have survived the heat, keep in mind that as we transition into Fall , too much sun can damage your skin even on cloudy days and in Winter!  Its crazy, I know!  But, the sun will reflect off of the clouds and snow, making it extra intense!  Your foundation makeup should have an SPF of 15 in the winter to protect you from skin damage on a daily basis.  Also as the humidity of summer decreases with the seasonal changes, you may find that your lips will tend to chap.  To keep your lips smooth and moist, use a moisturizing lip balm with SPF of at least a 15 during the day.  I like Nivea and have started using their moisture care stick at night!  For body dryness, I love SEACRET, minerals from the dead sea.  I order their Milk & Honey body lotion online.

Taking care of yourself today creates a better tomorrow!

Confident, Secure and With Direction!