Emily Severance
Co-Founder, Be Unique

The idea of feeling comfortable being yourself, though it appears quite simple, may often be one of the most difficult things to achieve as a teenager. Growing up in todays technologically advanced society can leave many young girls comparing themselves to others through numerous social media avenues. These advances in technology are the reasons that so many young girls are plagued with insecurities, self adoration, depression, feelings of isolation and even teen suicide. With social media being a new concept and focal point to this generation, I began to notice an absence of moral values and self worth among other girls around me. I felt God had given me a unique outlook on life that fueled a passion in me to help others feel confident in who they are and to stand behind their personal values when peer pressure was difficult. As a result, in 2015 the idea of creating “Be Unique” was born!

It has always been my belief that God instills unique qualities in each and every person. These natural gifts and abilities are the qualities that set us apart from others and areas where we have the most potential for growth. With this idea in mind, I was inspired to create an inner beauty program that would assist young girls in learning the importance of recognizing their unique qualities early in life, gaining confidence in who they are as a person, and continuing on to achieve great things for their life. I wanted them to feel confident in who they are through Christ and understand what they have to contribute to others. This eventually lead to the creation of our Inner Beauty Program. This program is designed to empower teenage girls to make responsible choices that will create a positive direction for their future and to gain self confidence in who they are as a contributing individual in society.

Since our grand opening in 2016, we have been so blessed to work with several beautiful young women who are thriving today. I could not be more proud of our accomplishments and of the opportunities we have had to improve these uniquely beautiful lives that are filled with great potential and so much to offer to the community.

Be Unique, a program that offers both Inner and Outer Beauty classes for teenage girls, is a combination of my modernized ideas and creativity with my mother’s knowledge of traditional modeling techniques and personal development. It has gradually flourished into a business that provides a fresh way to see ourselves. At Be Unique, we encourage our girls to view themselves as unique individuals with many natural gifts and abilities that deserve to be explored and used to better the world around us.

As someone who is very proud of my accomplishments at such a young age, I want to emphasize that every person is capable of doing great things with their lives at any age. Take advantage of your God-given strengths and go with it! It is my hope that you discover the unique qualities about yourself that set you apart from others. Once you recognize the value of your unique individuality, you will be able to thrive as the confident young woman you are meant to be! Having been a part of Be Unique since its creation, I could not be more proud of our accomplishments as a business and of the many beautiful lives that we have been blessed to know and guide over the course of our journey.

In Strength, Love & Guidance,
Emily Severance


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